Our Story

From James Griffin, the creator and designer of the highly acclaimed KAMA range of products.

During a business trip to Sydney Australia in September 1971, I was asked by Alan Moore, a Theatrical Director from Melbourne, “Have you heard of Patchouli oil?”
I responded “Who wants it?”
He said “EVERYONE!”

Having previously been involved in New Zealand with the initial marketing of the highly successful range of ‘Sheseido’, an opportunity presented itself. By the end of November 1971 I had conceived and designed KAMA Sacred Indian Love Oil – my initial two week business trip was extended. Having located a supply of the essential oil patchouli, I set about to perfect a perfume that was very, very Eastern.

Presentation was a 30cc glass bottle of Kama Sacred Indian Love Oil encapsulated in a two component wooden mahogany cylinder. A black and gold embossed label complemented the wooden outer. A swing tag containing a descriptive message completed the packaging.

Released through Sydney Boutiques in December 1971, KAMA was an instant success.  I returned to New Zealand in August 1972. By late 1973 KAMA Sacred Indian Love Oil was outselling some of the world’s top brands of perfume.

Additions in the range that followed were ….

1973  KAMA Cream Perfume
1973  KAMA Indian Love Soap
1973  KAMA Perfumed Talc (Discontinued)
1977  KAMA Massage and Body Oil
1978  KAMA Massage and Body Cream (Discontinued)
2000  KAMA Buddha Sticks
2005  KAMA Hand and Body Wash
2005  KAMA Hand and Body Lotion
2008  KAMA Deodorant
2010  KAMA Shower Gel
2012  KAMA Reed Diffuser
2015  KAMA Spray Perfume
2017  KAMA Scented Candle

Over the years a number of outer packaging's and descriptive wordings have been altered, but no original ingredients have ever been substituted nor formulations altered.

KAMA today, nearly 50 years from origination, is regarded as a unique fragrance. It has stood the test of time and must surely rank as one of a kind in the realms of the ‘TRULY GREAT’.

James Griffin.