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Kama Perfumed Oil
Kama Perfumed Oil is the Original Love Oil.
NZ $31.95
Kama Cream Perfume
Kama Cream Perfume is infused with a high content of the Original Indian Love Oil concentrate.
NZ $17.95
Kama Shower Gel
Kama Shower Gel is suitable for all skin types.
NZ $15.95

Unique Eastern Style Fragrance


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KAMA Reed Diffuser (NZ Only)
KAMA Reed Diffuser
NZ $42.95
Kama Perfumed Mini Oil 5ml
Kama Perfumed Mini Oil is the Original Love Oil in a purse size.
NZ $13.00
Kama Deodorant
Free of Aluminium & Parabens
NZ $11.95
Kama Scented Candle
Kama Scented Candle is infused with a high content of the Original Indian Love Oil concentrate.
NZ $39.95

I have been using Kama Oil perfume over the past year or two, I've been repeatedly complimented on how lovely the scent is. This is not only very nice for me, but suggests you have a very good product.

Kama Oil has warmth and gentleness, and a fragrance that develops on the skin over the course of the day.


I just bought some of your oil spray and it arrived with a freebie bottle of oil. Nice touch, thanks heaps. I will purchased again :)


Just wanted to say that, as  a 64-year-old retired man, I am still using an after shave daily dab of Kama Love Oil, forty-six years after "discovering" it as a 19 year old full on hippy student in Palmerston North. It's been all around the world with me. IOnly last week I was socialising with some friends here in Brisbane and a young woman commented on its subtle fragrance. I love it. Thank you.

About Us

KAMA with more than 40 years of trust is regarded as a unique oil based fragrance. Our packaging may have changed over the years, but the original ingredients have never been substituted nor formulations altered.